Trump Hired His Own Investigators in 2020, Was Angry With Their Job

Trump Hired His Own Investigators in 2020, Was Angry With Their Job

( – Following his loss in 2020, then-President Donald Trump did everything he could to contest the results of the election. His legal team filed dozens of lawsuits in local and federal courts. He also went as far as hiring his own research group to investigate claims of election fraud and ballot irregularities. However, when the group concluded its investigation and presented its findings, Trump didn’t like their conclusion and decided not to release the report.

On February 11, The Washington Post published an exclusive report detailing the Trump campaign’s decision to hire investigators from the Berkeley Research Group (BRG) to look into the election results of six states; Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin. The latter three helped Trump win the White House in 2016. However, in 2020, they flipped and helped propel Democratic nominee Joe Biden to the Oval Office.

The researchers looked for irregularities and fraud to present to the courts and the public on Trump’s behalf. BRG’s investigation looked into various claims of election fraud, including whether or not dead people cast somehow cast ballots if voting machines malfunctioned or otherwise skewed the results, and any other evidence that would benefit then-President Trump. However, none of the BRG’s work was ever presented to courts or the public. A source familiar with the investigation said the research group looked at anything and everything they could to try to find something out of place.

Four other unidentified sources told The Washington Post that the results of the BRG probe weren’t what Trump had hoped they would find. While the researchers did find a few anomalies and irregularities, they didn’t believe it was enough to overturn the results of the presidential election.

Trump reportedly paid the research group at least $600,000 to conduct its investigation and essentially had nothing to show for it.

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