Trump Declares, “I Was Right” – Durham Investigation Continues

Trump Declares,

( – Former President Donald Trump scored a major win this week in his never-ending battle with Hillary Clinton. In a tweet relayed by a Twitter account called @45Relay, he celebrated the fact that Durham’s recent investigation unearthed proof that Clinton spied on him during his 2016 campaign and his time in office.

Back in October 2016, Clinton tweeted a link to a report that suggested the Trump  organization had a secret backlink to Russian officials — specifically, a Russian-owned bank. The attached report directly accused then-candidate Donald Trump of colluding with the foreign country and actively attempting to hide the covert connection.

Trump vehemently denied the accusations after the news first broke. He fired back, accusing Clinton of engaging in a smear campaign based on falsehoods.

Durham released information on February 11 showing that a tech executive provided data from inside the Trump campaign and the White House to the Clinton campaign’s attorneys at Perkins Coie. The same individual allegedly provided the Clinton campaign with internet traffic details to aid them in proving a link between Trump and Russia.

Trump has said from the beginning that Durham’s investigations would prove that Clinton fabricated the Russian scandal and rigged the 2020 election. With this latest revelation, it looks like we may see more bombshells coming from the special counsel along the way.

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