Trump Claims Subpoena Was Ignored Because of Lost Phone

Trump Claims Subpoena Was Ignored Because of Lost Phone

Donald Trump Lost Phone Led To Subpoena Snafu

( – New York Attorney General Letitia James subpoenaed former President Donald Trump in a case involving fraud and the Trump Organization. He’s been accruing fines for not turning over the requested information to the tune of $10,000 per day. According to a May 6 affidavit, Trump claims he cannot conform to the subpoena because he no longer has access to the devices containing the information James seeks.

The court filing claims Trump has not had a Trump Organization-issued mobile phone since 2015. He stated that the whereabouts of the two flip phones in question are unknown, and while he had the Samsung phone at the White House, someone took it and he doesn’t know its current location.

He said he has two cell phones currently for personal use, one which he just received only to post on TRUTH Social. Trump also claimed he had not used email, text, or “other digital methods of communication” for work since January 1, 2010, and does not keep business-related materials in his home.

The former president asserted his attorneys searched his Mar-a-Lago residence, Trump Tower condo, and golf club office for the phones and found nothing. He also gave them his personal phone.

Trump asked the court to lift the contempt order that is causing ongoing fines. Previously, Judge Arthur Engoron refused to lift the order. Are Trump’s claims reasonable?

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