True Reason Behind Oprah’s BETRAYAL Revealed

Trevor Noah Floats Theory For Oprah's Abandonment Of Mehmet Oz

Trevor Noah Floats Theory For Oprah’s Abandonment Of Mehmet Oz

( – Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz used to be a regular on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” The talk show spots made the doctor famous and helped him get his own television series. The two TV personalities have also been good friends, but their relationship recently came into question when Winfrey stated her support for Oz’s liberal opponent, John Fetterman. “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah had an interesting take on why Winfrey might have done this.

Noah said he could have predicted the TV host turning on Oz because there was a precedent. He explained that all creators turn on their monsters eventually, citing figures such as Dr. Frankenstein and his creation.

Dr. Oz responded to Winfrey’s declaration on Fox News’ “One Nation” with Brain Kilmeade. The host asked if the endorsement had upset him, but the doctor laughed it off, saying he still loved the talk show superstar. He explained they had different political opinions, which is normal.

On November 8, Oz lost to Fetterman in a close race. The Democrat secured 50.8% of the vote, with the doctor getting 46.8%. The Senate seat was one of the races to watch as the Republicans tried to retake the majority in the Upper Chamber of Congress.

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