Top Elitist Democrat Sounds the Alarm on Ron DeSantis’ “Skill” As He Rises Through the Ranks

Top Elitist Democrat Sounds the Alarm on Ron DeSantis'

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been praised for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in his state and recent moves to uphold conservative values concerning critical race theory in public schools and voting laws. His swift action has won over Republicans in his state and throughout the country.

Max Boot of the notoriously Left-leaning Washington Post claims to be concerned about DeSantis’s skills match those of former President Donald Trump. While DeSantis is pushing hard to create change, Boot seems to be pushing the idea that Trump wrote the playbook on “waging a culture war,” and that DeSantis is following in his footsteps.

Boot, discussing DeSantis’ political rise, predicted he would continue to succeed by playing up conservative “hot button” issues that get people excited, which is how he accuses Trump of managing his campaigns and presidency. At the same time, he completely overlooked the fact that the Trump administration made significant progress with that same agenda. He also remarked on DeSantis’ clever ability to provoke “outrage” from the Left and “delight” from Republicans — a statement that, in and of itself, could be categorized as doing just that.

Furthermore, Boot pointed out that DeSantis has effectively used his response to the COVID-19 pandemic to drum up support and build his political empire, which he noted followed the lead of the former president. Boot added the governor is continuing to take on issues important to the GOP’s base. No surprise there. Why wouldn’t he?

If the former president decides not to run in 2024, chances are Boot and the political Left may need to prepare for the Florida governor’s name on the ballot. With his Trump-level skill set, he would give any Democratic candidate a fight. Maybe that’s what they’re actually afraid of.

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