Top Conspiracy Theorist’s Fate REVEALED — It’s a DOOZY

Alex Jones Ordered To Pay $965 Million In Damages

Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $965 Million in Damages

( – Alex Jones has faced immense backlash for his claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax arranged by people wanting to end gun rights. The legal hits have been especially harsh, with the latest ruling from a Connecticut court returning an unbelievable decision in the case against him. The jury awarded the plaintiffs, some of the victims’ families, $965 million. 

The significant award likely reflects the jurors’ feelings about Jones. The plaintiffs’ attorneys helped paint a picture of a callous and harsh man whose assessments of the tragedy and the victims were inflammatory. Attorneys also made a point to the jury that the Infowars host earned money off the plaintiffs’ losses by using his wild accusations to boost sales of merchandise and bolster his website.

Due to Jones’ public influence, his claims caused severe distress to the families. They suffered harassment and threats from people who believed the host’s theories about the incident. During the trial, news came out that Jones had accused a parent, who had just lost his child in the shooting, of being an actor and faking his emotions.

The defendant didn’t help his cause when, during his testimony, he refused to apologize to the victims, even though he previously admitted his claims were false. He also took the chance to continue his narrative by attacking his “liberal” critics. Jones plans to appeal the verdict.

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