The Best Celeb Insults of 2021

The Best Celeb Insults of 2021

( – Roasting celebrities is a fun pastime. Everyone loves to make a little fun of the rich and famous, and sometimes people hit the nail on the head with their off-the-wall quips.

There are certain famous people everyone seems to love to hate. So it can be especially pleasing to insult these people because the remarks are usually what others think but never have the nerve to say.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has people joking he is a lizard person. Another person compared him to the Olive Garden’s endless favorite, the breadstick, saying they share the same look.

Kid Rock’s career has been waning for years. Now, he’s facing a severe burn from Weird Al Yankovic, who tweeted thanks to fans for their response to his new Kid Rock parody video. He then dropped the bomb that it wasn’t his video but the actual artist’s work.

The Kardashian clan always seems to be in the news, and many people are over them. So when the announcement of Kim and Kayne’s divorce hit the public, one commenter wrote a lengthy paragraph about fish in the Amazon to prove the point that they couldn’t possibly care any less about the state of this marriage.

Finally, Elon Musk, who just became Time’s Man of the year, can’t sidestep some jabs. When he and Grimes announced the end of their relationship, one person took the opportunity to make fun of the couple’s oddly named child, asking who would get custody of “syntax error.”

Having a little fun at the expense of people who you will probably, at no time ever, meet and who probably will not see your comments is something that might never stop being entertaining.

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