Thanksgiving Takes a HORRIFIC Turn For 1 Family – Arrest Made!

Man with Dementia Accused of Murdering Wife in Horrific Way

Man with Dementia Accused of Murdering Wife in Horrific Way

( – Thanksgiving is a day to get together and celebrate the good in life. Connie Denio had planned for her loved ones to come to her house for the holiday. Everyone finalized the gathering the night before in a group chat, but when her family showed up, instead of having a delicious meal, they walked into a horrific scene. Connie Denio was dead, presumably at the hands of her husband.

The November 24 family dinner was supposed to begin at 1 p.m. at the Denio home, but the house looked empty when guests started to arrive. Loved ones tried numerous times to get a response by knocking on doors and windows. After having no luck, they contacted the police, who told them not to break in — they did anyway.

What they discovered was unbelievable. Karlan Denio was lying on the bed and Mrs. Denio was stabbed to death and disemboweled on the bedroom floor. Loved ones say Mr. Denio has frontotemporal dementia. The National Institute on Aging explains the condition can cause people to act impulsively without thought of the consequences.

Police arrested the husband, charging him with first-degree murder. His motive or the role his dementia may have played in the killing remains unknown, as the incident is still under investigation.

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