“Thanks, Mitch!” – GOP Senate Forwards Biden Agenda

(LibertySons.org) – The Senate has passed the Biden administration’s budget plan. Lawmakers must advance it forward to avoid a government shutdown, but controversial items related to vaccine mandates have threatened to put the plan on hold. Despite promises to push against pandemic restrictions, Republican resistance has been unexpectedly absent, which leads to questions about what the GOP is doing.

Daniel Horowitz of Blaze News penned an op-ed about how he feels Republicans aided the Biden administration in passing his agenda, and he’s not holding back. Horowitz says the moves of the GOP in the evenly split Senate on February 17 were nothing but “kabuki theater.”

Republicans made sure there was one less GOP member present to vote than Democrat members. Horowitz explains this allowed them to vote for a measure that would defund vaccine mandates, showing voters they are standing up against such actions, even though they knew all along they would lose. The same happened with a vote to block school vaccine mandates.

Horowitz says the GOP only agreed to vote on the measures because they knew the outcome. The conservative blames Republicans for putting on a show to appease their base while letting the left have everything it wants; he says the right cares more about a government shutdown than about freedoms yanked from the American people by mandates.

All of this is a loud reminder that primary elections are coming up in November. Do you know what your elected representatives are up to?

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