Ted Cruz Says Disney May Soon Make Mickey Mouse Hook Up With Pluto

Ted Cruz Says Disney May Soon Make Mickey Mouse Hook Up With Pluto

(LibertySons.org) – During a live recording of “The Verdict with Ted Cruz” at Yale University on April 12, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) went after Disney. The company has recently been in the news for its opposition to the new law in Florida that bans discussing gender identity and sexual orientation to students from kindergarten to third grade. Cruz said Disney is on the verge of including sexual content in its videos.

He suggested that the company might pair up Mickey and Pluto for sex scenes. He said radicals on the Left are pushing this type of content, and with the path the company is on, he wouldn’t be surprised if it conceded. He said parents can’t trust Disney to provide wholesome content anymore.

The response to his comments included a lot of mocking on Twitter. The Lincoln Project simply questioned his thought process.

Kevin M Kruse, Princeton University historian, tweeted jokes about this being some type of sexual fantasy of the senator.

Others accused his comments of being homophobic, while some said he was going far-right in the campaign against Disney.

Newsweek requested a comment from the senator but had no reply as of press time on April 20.

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