Tables TURN On Trump – Latest Failures Disclosed

Republicans Blame Trump after Elections Don't Go as Planned

Republicans Blame Trump after Elections Don’t Go as Planned

( – The predicted Red wave during the midterms did not manifest, and now some members of the GOP are looking for a new leader. Many losses fell squarely on Trump-backed candidates, which party members warned were terrible choices. With the only resounding victories occurring in Florida, some Republicans are now looking at Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as the new leader going into 2024.

Influencer Caleb Hull explained he was once a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump but now feels different. He noted the candidates the former US leader put forth were not strong contenders and led to the miserable results on November 8. His mantra now is “DeSantis is the new head of the party.”

In the Senate, six out of 11 Trump-backed hopefuls secured seats on election night. He did much worse in the House, with only five wins. As of November 9, four seats in the Upper Chamber and seven in the Lower were still in limbo.

The lack of showing for Republicans in the midterms proved to many analysts that Trump has lost his power within the party. Michael Brendan Dougherty tweeted he’s hearing nothing but anger toward the former president. He also noted Trump’s unprovoked attack on DeSantis just before the election made him look bad.

Still, the big announcement on November 15 from the former Commander in Chief looms. Expectations had been high that he would reveal his bid for the White House in 2024, but some observers feel it should be a different message in light of the recent elections.

Trump’s endorsement for DeSantis is unlikely, given the former leader had warned the governor against entering the presidential race. He claimed it would hurt the GOP.

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