Suspect Near Obama’s Home Reportedly Was “Taking Orders”

( – Taylor Taranto served his country in Iraq, returning home with PTSD. Recently, the Secret Service arrested the veteran near the home of former President Barack Obama with firearms in his vehicle after he made a series of threats on a YouTube livestream channel. Now, a US magistrate deciding whether to detain Taranto in custody to await trial on four misdemeanor charges resulting from his part in the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill and the breach of the Capitol argued the suspect was “taking orders.”

While Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui doesn’t consider Taranto a flight risk, a Fox News article reported he said he must consider him dangerous after he publicly threatened elected officials, said he would blow up the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) headquarters building, and carried weapons and ammunition in his vehicle when authorities stopped him in the neighborhood near Obama’s home. Faruqui expressed sympathy for the suspect even though he felt compelled to remand him to custody in the DC detention facility until his trial.

Moreover, the magistrate apologized to Taranto for the nation’s dereliction of duty in supporting military veterans who return from combat suffering mental health consequences. Additionally, he opined that “elected officials” held responsibility for misleading their followers into believing anyone stole the 2020 elections, according to a POLITICO report.

However, Kathryn Guevara, Taranto’s attorney, didn’t convince Faruqui that her client’s social media threats were simply First Amendment-protected speech or that opposing counsel had “twisted facts” to strengthen their case against her client. The judge pointed out that the veteran’s decision to carry weapons during his protest could have turned “catastrophic.”

Furthermore, prosecutors argued Taranto reposted a Truth Social message from former President Donald Trump doxxing the Obamas’ home address on the day of his arrest. The Secret Service took the veteran into custody in the Kalorama neighborhood where the Obamas reside.

CBS News reported that prosecutors claimed it was another indicator that the suspect would likely be incapable of complying “with conditions to secure community safety and ensure his [court] appearance.” Guevara countered, arguing Taranto had already successfully attended previous court dates without fail. She said he had never engaged in actual violent behavior, only inflammatory rhetoric to obtain attention.

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