Study Shows Increased Risk of Psychiatric Conditions Following COVID Infection

Study Shows Increased Risk of Psychiatric Conditions Following COVID Infection

COVID Condition Linked To Strange Mental Side Effect…

( – A large study of COVID-19 survivors by the University of Oxford showed persisting brain disorders were a common result of the virus. The information released on August 17 in the Lancet Psychiatry journal marks the first time for extensive research on a patient group of this size concerning the pandemic. Researchers compared those who had the coronavirus with people who had suffered other respiratory viruses.

They learned that depression and anxiety, while a regular side effect of COVID-19, were not long-lasting and usually cleared up within two months. However, other cognitive defects persisted up to two years after infection.

Compared to people who had different respiratory ailments, coronavirus patients were more likely to suffer dementia, brain fog, and seizures. Children were twice as likely to have seizure disorders after a bout with COVID-19. Adults had higher chances of brain fog, with 640 in 10,000 cases for those under 64 and 1,540 circumstances out of the same amount for those over 65.

In contrast, those same figures in patients who had alternative respiratory viruses were at 550 and 1,230, respectively. Coronavirus sufferers also had increased chances of developing dementia, with 450 instances in every 10,000 people compared to 330 occurrences for those with other illnesses.

The study, which included over 1.25 million participants, shows that the lasting symptoms could remain even once the COVID-19 pandemic is in the rearview mirror. Still, researchers noted they need to look further into why the virus has these effects and if there are potential ways to prevent and treat them.

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