Sidney Powell Reveals Big New Legal Fight Underway

Sidney Powell Reveals Big New Legal Fight Underway

( – Following the 2020 election, protests about voting issues became a hot topic. One Trump supporter, attorney Sidney Powell, claimed that Dominion, the company behind many voting systems, falsified votes and interfered with the election.

In return, Dr. Eric Coomer, the security director at Dominion, filed a defamation lawsuit against Powell, the Trump campaign, media outlets, and others who spread a story about him collaborating with Antifa to ensure a Biden win.

The latest development in the case is an announcement from Sidney Powell that she’ll soon have her chance to topple the security director. In a two-hour question-filled period, her legal team will speak with Coomer on September 23.

The order comes from the Colorado court overseeing the lawsuit. The law in that state allows for a party to discuss nationally essential topics without the need for a deposition lawsuit. Hopefully, the meeting will permit her team to gather an incredible amount of information.

Powell is also anticipating discovery in the case Dominion filed against her, which should be some time after the 24th. Discovery will enable her team to see what information the other side has, and she has a positive outlook that this will be where the case really begins moving forward.

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