Senate Under Lockdown After Possible Active Shooter Report

( – Metropolitan Police forwarded a call to the US Capitol Police regarding an active shooter incident at the Hart Senate Building at 2:30 on Wednesday, August 2. Officers responded within seconds because they were already on high alert after Tuesday’s indictment of former President Donald Trump on conspiracy and obstruction charges related to an alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Police placed three Senate buildings under lockdown while they investigated the possible active shooter call and searched floor-to-floor in each of the buildings.

Approximately 200 officers responded, according to Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger. Officers began evacuating and clearing the Hart, Dirkson, and Russell Senate buildings floor by floor, looking for a suspect described as a “heavyset Hispanic male wearing body armor.” Police also sealed off tunnels leading to the Capitol building.

Journalists and Senate staff members inside the buildings received emails instructing them to shelter in a locked room away from external windows or doors while remaining quiet and silencing electronics because of an active shooter scenario. Capitol police cleared all three buildings 90 minutes after the initial call, and Chief Manger updated reporters, saying his teams “found nothing concerning” and no witnesses had heard any shots fired.

Fortunately, both Houses of Congress started their summer recess at the end of the day on Friday, July 28. They will return on September 5, after Labor Day. Congressional members often work on constituent issues during the break. However, the recess reduced the number of people in all three Senate buildings, simplifying the search and reducing the number of individuals potentially at risk.

Manger surmised the force had likely fallen victim to “a bogus call.” Metro PD and the Capitol PC switchboards attempted to trace the call, but neither succeeded. Area law enforcement agencies, including Park Police, Secret Service, Metro Police, US Capitol Police, and other agencies working cooperatively, enhanced security around government buildings for Trump’s Thursday courthouse arrival to answer the indictment.

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