See if Google Is Spying On You by Using This Method

See if Google Is Spying On You by Using This Method

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( – Knowing much of your personal information is available for anyone to find through a simple search online can be unnerving. Google recently launched a new change that can help you to remove this data from the Internet. The company’s global search policy lead, Michelle Chang, made the announcement in a blog post on April 27.

Chang said people will now be able to make requests to remove contact information and other data that could put them at risk for identity theft. She noted that having personal identifying information, such as phone numbers and addresses, easily available puts a person at risk for harm. Individuals will need to make a removal request via Google support.

Previously, the company had allowed for information removal requests only when there was a legitimate threat against a person. This change in policy allows anyone, at any time, to have Google remove their data from its files.

Still, Chang reminds people that this process will not remove the information from the Internet. Individuals will need to contact every host that has their data to seek removal. Despite the hassle, any chance to remove some of the personal information floating about online is a good move in light of all the potential risks.

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