SCOTUS Turns Its Back On Amendment – America Betrayed!

Supreme Court Refuses Challenge To Trump Bump Stock Ban

Supreme Court Refuses Challenge to Trump Bump Stock Ban

( – After the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Trump administration issued a ban on bump stocks. The devices attach to semi-automatic firearms, giving them automatic firing capabilities. Equating the accessory to a machine gun, the Department of Justice finalized the ban on December 18, 2018. Over the years, the move has faced multiple lawsuits, with the latest ending in the US Supreme Court before it had a chance to begin. The justices declined to hear the case on November 14.

The plaintiffs in Roy Lynn McCutchen v. US were asking for compensation for bump stocks they had bought but had to give up or destroy due to the Trump ban. In the claim, they said taking the items without providing compensation was a violation of their constitutional rights, citing a clause in the Fifth Amendment. Still, SCOTUS dismissed the appeal without comment.

The court has heard numerous cases concerning the ban. They weighed in on the prohibition in 2019 after receiving a request to block the legislation, which they denied. The justices also declined to hear two other cases in October on the matter. Plus, they refused another appeal in 2020.

The Trump administration’s declaration of bump stocks as machine guns, which federal law prohibits, was a reversal of a decision made during the Obama administration on the classification. It was also a rare gun rights blow under the usually pro-Second Amendment Republican president.

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