Scientists Invent New Pacifier for Babies

Scientists Invent New Pacifier for Babies

Scientists Invent New Device for Babies – It’s Revolutionary!

( – Washington State University (WSU) announced on May 16 that a group of researchers created a smart pacifier that acts like a bioelectronic monitor. Officials from WSU explain the binky can monitor electrolyte ions like potassium and sodium in newborn intensive care unit (NICU) babies. The device could take the place of blood draws, which are uncomfortable and risky for these tiny patients.

Dehydration is a serious concern in infants in NICUs, but keeping electrolytes at the proper levels can keep the health concern at bay. Currently, caregivers must draw blood twice a day to check these numbers. With this device, the baby can remain untouched and unbothered while nurses and doctors stay on top of their readings.

Researchers found monitoring using the biometric binky was comparable to traditional blood tests during a small initial test. Furthermore, since this monitoring is continuous, it allows medical caregivers to ensure they spot any changes right away, which is much better for the baby’s overall health.

The pacifier works by collecting samples in saliva, and it is completely wireless. The team is now working to make the device more affordable and recyclable. They will then conduct more extensive testing. Perhaps one day, they can be made available to new parents for home use to monitor their babies through a convenient app.

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