Russian Invasion 100 Days In Shows Very Limited Success

Russian Invasion 100 Days In Shows Very Limited Success

Putin Invasion Report – The Details Show Something No One Expected

( – Russia began the conflict with Ukraine on February 24. It’s been 100 days since Russian President Vladimir Putin started the operation that he intended to be swift and easy. Instead, the move has been a struggle, as the Ukrainian people have fought hard to protect their country and prevent a takeover from their neighboring country to the east.

A Story of War

The attempt to capture Kyiv early in the conflict was a complete failure. Ukrainian forces fought back hard to maintain control of the capital city and successfully push out the Russians. The military had to retreat and admit it didn’t have the great success its leader envisioned.

As the Kremlin regrouped and refocused its efforts, the military moved its aim at the east and south. Forces worked on Mariupol — an essential southeastern port for Ukraine — while troops captured the port in Kherson. Russia also succeeded in taking over the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces were taking back the cities around Kyiv, and Russia lost the Moskva, its lead warship stationed in the Black Sea, to an alleged missile strike.

A critical fight continues over control of Severodonetsk. Russia has the majority of control, but Ukrainian troops have been victorious in keeping them from fully taking the city. The story is similar in Lysychansk and Slovyansk, where Russian troops have been attacking hard against a Ukrainian resistance.

With so much opposition, the Kremlin has relatively few actual accomplishments to show for 100 days of fighting, with no major wins. It’s hardly the swift victory Putin thought it would be.

A Little Help From Some Friends

While Russia does have its allies, most notably China, far more countries are siding with Ukraine. The United States and Europe have provided arms for the Ukrainian army, allowing its people to continue to stand up against Russian forces.

There is also a financial battle going on with the Kremlin. Leaders from countries around the globe continue to wage heavy sanctions upon the aggressor. The strain of these financial punishments is taking a toll on the economic stability of the nation.

China isn’t doing much to dig Russia out of the hole in which it’s gotten itself. The nation is holding back from providing too much support. Leaders there don’t want to violate war sanctions from the West.

Despite the setbacks Russians have suffered, there’s no indication its forces intend to leave Ukraine and end the conflict anytime soon. Putin is not the type to admit he’s made a mistake, nor is he likely to give up, even when so many countries are helping in the fight against him.

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