Ron DeSantis Helps Pass Law Taking On Big Tech

Ron DeSantis Helps Pass Law Taking On Big Tech

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has stepped up as one of the most outspoken Republicans in the country since Donald Trump left office. He’s fighting for many of the same ideals the former president did and ruffling plenty of feathers in the process.

DeSantis has spent considerable time targeting online censorship. On Monday, May 24, he signed Florida’s new ‘big tech’ bill into law.

SB 7072 will protect Florida residents from censorship on social media platforms and imposes a $250,000 daily fine for banning, including shadowbanning, statewide political candidates. The legislation labels these actions as violations of the state’s antitrust law.

DeSantis has a longtime history of pushing back against the efforts of big tech companies to silence conservative voices. According to him, the inconsistent censorship prevalent in social media is part of an effort to create a vacuum in which only certain political ideas remain. The governor has said this interferes with elections and is a form of intimidation. By signing the new law, he hopes to keep platforms more transparent and to provide an opportunity for all voices to be heard.

The passage of this bill is particularly noteworthy since Trump, who has a ban on him from all major social media platforms, is now a resident of Florida. Could this be a step towards 45 regaining use of those sites?

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