Putin Says He Will Bomb This Country by End of 2022

Putin Says He Will Bomb This Country by End of 2022

Putin Makes The Announcement That EVERYONE Feared Would Come

(LibertySons.org) – Russian President Vladimir Putin is raising the stakes in his attempt to control Ukraine. His latest warning is that he will launch his Satan II nuclear missile before the end of 2022. The Satan II is a long-range ballistic missile. It can travel 11,200 miles, which means it could reach the United Kingdom and even some areas of the United States.

Putin was talking to military graduates on June 21 at the Kremlin when he revealed his plans for the Sarmat missiles. The country had a successful test of the warhead in April. The Russian leader previously exclaimed it would protect his nation from threats and serve as a warning to other countries.

He also took the time to praise his military and the work they’re doing in Ukraine, calling them “heroes.”

Military experts say the Satan II can carry over 10 nuclear warheads, which could cover and destroy an area the size of France or Great Britain. Russian Colonel Sergei Karakayev noted in May that the missile can create multiple trajectories, making it difficult for defense systems to block.

Several people on Russian television, in addition to politician Aleksey Zhuravlyov, believe Russia should bomb Britain, sending it “back to the Stone Age.” Meanwhile, former Israeli diplomat Yaakov Kedmi suggested the Kremlin use the Satan II to wipe out power stations across the UK. In fact, Putin said the missiles could hit Britain within three minutes if he chose to fire upon them.

Should the world be worried about the new veiled threats? Is Putin sincere about using Satan II, or do you think his words are just empty talk?

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