Putin Critic Found Deceased From Drowning

Putin Critic Found Deceased From Drowning

(LibertySons.org) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has a reputation for being an impatient leader. Fueling this stigma is the fact that those who dare criticize the Russian President often end up missing or, worse, dead. Ironically, another critic recently died after suffering a tragic accident, but this time there’s no evidence of any foul play.

Many countries around the world, namely Western allies, have condemned Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, the feeling has crept into the hearts of Putin’s people as well. Dmitry Svirgunov, also known as the Russian pop icon Dima Nova, founded the music group Cream Soda in 2012.

The band composed and recorded a song called “Aqua Disco,” in which they criticized Putin’s mansion worth $1.3 billion, which some call “Putin’s Palace,” claiming it was built using money made as a result of corruption. The band named the song after a mysterious room in Putin’s palace, which some have nicknamed “aquatic disco.”

The pop hit quickly became a symbol of the nation’s anti-war effort, serving as sort of an anthem for the movement, even before the country’s invasion of Ukraine.


Newsweek cited a Russian source, People Talk, noting that coincidentally Nova, his brother, and a few of their friends were attempting to cross the Volga River located northeast of Moscow. As they were walking, the ice beneath them suddenly gave out, causing them to plunge into the frigid water below. The accident led to the death of Nova, his brother, and two of their friends.

Cream Soda announced the tragedy on Instagram, noting that one of their friends, Aristarchus, had fallen “under the ice” but was caught. However, they later died as well. The group mentioned the Ministry of Emergency Situations for Nova’s brother Roma and their friend Gosha Kiselev. Ironically, Cream Soda released the song “Volga” in 2017, in which the group sings about going into the river and drowning.

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