Potentially Compromised Biden Business Deals Are No Problem, White House Says

Potentially Compromised Biden Business Deals Are No Problem, White House Says

(LibertySons.org) – House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) continued the quest to obtain a form he says the FBI is withholding relating to a whistleblower investigation into whether President Joe Biden became involved in a bribery scheme while he was vice president under former President Barack Obama. On Monday, June 5, during a White House press conference, a reporter referenced the probe and a subsequent committee press release on findings while asking administration aides about national security concerns. In response, the staffer dismissed doubts about potentially compromised Biden business deals.

Diana Glebova, the White House correspondent for the Daily Caller, specifically asked whether National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator Admiral John Kirby had read the Oversight Committee’s recent report on banking information alleging Biden family members received cumulative deposits of $10 million into their accounts while Joe Biden was vice president. She followed with a second question asking whether the admiral “personally” thought “any national security concerns” existed. Kirby responded with a curt: “No and no.”

This episode followed an explosive incident during a May 31 White House presser. In that case, New York Post reporter Steven Nelson referred to the House Oversight Committee investigation and cited a May 18 Harvard Harris poll in which 53% of respondents “think Biden was involved with his son in illegal influence peddling.” Nelson then asked Kirby what he would say to the majority of Americans who believe the president is corrupt.

Kirby’s immediate reaction was, “Wow,” and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reportedly gasped an expletive. While Jean-Pierre pushed to wrap up the question-and-answer session, the admiral answered, saying, “The President has spoken to this,” calling the claims meritless.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has failed to turn over an FD-1023 form requested and subpoenaed by Comer based on a whistleblower’s report. On Monday, Comer indicated he would begin Contempt of Congress proceedings against Wray. The director provided viewing accessibility for Comer and other committee members but said he would not turn over the document because it remains part of an ongoing FBI investigation and could compromise a confidential human source working with the bureau.

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