Police Swat MTG After Swatting Attempt

(LibertySons.org) – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), sometimes called MTG by media sources, is no stranger to adversity. Most recently, she’s weathering an ouster from the House Freedom Caucus after a heated spat with Colorado lawmaker Lauren Boebert (R) on the House floor. Greene seems to be navigating the changing rip tides of the Congressional surf. However, she’s also dealing with another annoyance in her home district of Rome, Georgia. Police recently thwarted a swatting attempt on MTG’s home.

Swatting is a type of harassment where someone calls the police with an alleged emergency to elicit a response from as many officers and resources as possible to an address. Usually, the caller alleges a violent crime, prompting police to send Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units. The prank creates a dangerous situation for both the target home and law enforcement personnel. Sometimes, the results are tragic.

In August 2022, Greene and her family suffered swatting attempts on two consecutive nights. On Thursday, July 6, another attempt occurred, according to an exclusive report from Breitbart. An unknown male called the Floyd County emergency dispatch to report that he’d used “an AR15” to kill his mother, “Mary Taylor,” at Greene’s address and planned to kill himself. The caller hung up when asked for his information.

The officer who took the call notified security at Greene’s house about the call and verified that nobody had threatened the home. Greene’s aide, Travis Loudermilk, requested that the county police send a copy of their completed report to the Capitol Police for additional investigation.

Greene spoke out about swatting last year after callers made six attempts on her home between August and October 2022. She noted that the crime was akin to hoping that police would inadvertently murder someone. But she also said that the prank wasted valuable community resources and time.

The Georgia firebrand believed the string of swatting attempts began because of her involvement in restricting doctors from providing minors gender-affirming care when she introduced the concept for what eventually became her proposed Protect Children’s Innocence Act. She found the timing of the July 6 episode odd because it occurred during the day. She mentioned that the recent headlines about her ouster may have prompted someone to copy previous attacks.

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