Pilot Asks Passengers To Stop Sending Explicit Pictures

Pilot Asks Passengers To Stop Sending Explicit Pictures

Pilot Threatens Emergency Landing After What He Saw

(LibertySons.org) – Unruly airline passengers get themselves in all kinds of trouble; whether someone is disabling a smoke detector, refusing a crew member’s orders in flight, or being generally unruly, stories of unusual events aboard commercial airliners are anything but rare. A pilot on a recent flight to Mexico, however, showed that people are still capable of some surprising behaviors.

Before the plane even left the ground for Cabo, a TikTok user recorded the pilot informing passengers he would return to the gate if an unnamed person on the plane didn’t stop airdropping nude photos.

Airdropping is a feature on Apple devices that allows users to send pictures to others nearby — even strangers. The anonymous nature of the app led to a phenomenon called “cyber-flashing,” or people sending unsolicited nude photos to those around them with compatible devices.

The social media video went viral, prompting responses from several TikTokers. One user joked about the “dad vibe” nature of the message, while another commented that this was exactly why his airdrop contacts weren’t set to “public.”

Southwest Airlines responded to the incident, supporting how its employees handled the ordeal.

While uncommon, the incident isn’t unique. A man managed to get booted from a flight to Denver after a similar stunt, showing that the airline has no tolerance for such shenanigans. The sender claimed his broadcasting lewd pictures was merely him “having a little fun,” but no one else saw the drop that way.

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