Pets Can Detect COVID, Research Finds

Pets Can Detect COVID, Research Finds

Pets Can Detect This Deadly Disease Before It’s Too Late

( – COVID-19 nasal swab testing is often uncomfortable, and spit tests are repulsive, but a new study says there may be an easier and more welcoming way to find out who is positive for the virus. PLOS ONE published research on June 1 showing dogs may be able to detect the coronavirus in people. The animals also seem capable of completing the task much better than the tests currently on the market.

The idea behind the study is to see if alternative testing methods using dogs could be a more efficient way to test large groups of people for COVID-19. French researchers conducting the study trained the canines for use in the project. The animals sit if they smell the virus in sweat samples. The signaling is similar to that of a police dog.

The researchers took the trained dogs to the Alfort School of Veterinary Medicine to test their abilities on 335 subjects. The pups had an accuracy rate of 97% in patients showing symptoms and 100% in asymptomatic cases. They were able to conduct the tests and produce results with a higher sensitivity rate than with the antigen method.

The research is only preliminary, but the findings align with previous studies in the US and UK that suggest canines are able to sniff out COVID-19.

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