Pence Promises Stricter Border Control After Biden’s Mistakes

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence, who is currently campaigning for the White House seat against his 2020 running mate, recently discussed his views on immigration with Newsmax’s “National Report.” He pointed to the many mistakes the Biden administration has made, which have led to unprecedented numbers of people crossing in from Mexico, and he promised to enact stricter policies to get the border under control.

Pence promised he would, if elected, resume much of the work he helped former President Donald Trump achieve during his presidency. He insisted the Remain in Mexico policy — which requires asylum seekers to remain on the other side of the border while awaiting their court dates — would go back into effect, and he would also work to finish the wall Trump started. The GOP primary longshot added that the administration’s implementation of Title 42 reduced excessive immigration by targeting illegal immigration and asylum abuse, cutting numbers by 90%.

One area where the two might disagree, according to The Hill, is the practice of separating families at the border. The Trump administration’s 2018 “zero tolerance” policy on illegal border crossers labeled anyone who tried as a criminal, locking up and prosecuting all adults caught making attempts. Any children who were with them went to separate facilities. Lawmakers and human rights activists eventually succeeded in ending the practice, and roughly 600 children have since been returned to their families, although another 400 remain in US custody.

The relationship between Trump and Pence turned sour on January 6, after Pence sided against the MAGA leader’s rally to overturn Biden’s presidency. Trump has since made repeated attacks against his former right-hand man, calling him “delusional” and accusing him of jumping over to the “dark side.”

Democrats have slammed both Trump and Pence over the previous administration’s policies. They accuse the former president and vice president equally of abusing the system, using inhumane and cruel practices while they were in charge to deter unwanted border crossings. Meanwhile, under Biden’s leadership, the country has experienced an immigration crisis that is overwhelming border cities and putting a massive strain on US taxpayers.

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