Pelosi Threatened in House Showdown

Pelosi Threatened in House Showdown

( – The fight over masks continues. Even health officials have been back and forth with their recommendations. Still, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued new guidelines indicating vaccinated Americans, most of whom were previously exempt, should once again don that iconic strip of fabric in specific situations.

Due to the CDC’s recommendation, Nancy Pelosi reinstated the mandatory mask rule for anyone inside the Capitol building on July 27, 2021. She also ordered Capitol Police to arrest or warn those going without a face covering.

Some Republican representatives are tired of the ever-changing COVID-19 rules; they’re refusing to obey the speaker quietly. This includes Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC), who posted a video on Twitter on July 29 showcasing her walking around the Capitol building without a mask. She states she’s had COVID, is fully vaccinated, washes her hands regularly, and wears her mask while in the Chamber.

But Mace draws the line at having to cover her face everywhere in the building. She ends the video by challenging Pelosi to “come and get me.” In the accompanying tweet, she says, “I follow science – not Pelosi.”

Mace isn’t alone in her feelings. Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) tweeted a copy of the face-covering rules and called the Capitol Police order “Pelosi’s abuse of power” the same day.

Representatives’ reactions are reflective of how the American people feel. Americans were told if they got the vaccine, they could go back to living normally with no masks. Once again, the rules have frustratingly changed.

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