Obama Drops STARTLING Confession – Secret Anger Issues?

Michelle Obama Explains Controlling Rage During Interview

Michelle Obama Explains Controlling Rage During Interview

(LibertySons.org) – Former First Lady Michelle Obama is making the media rounds to promote her memoir, “The Light We Carry.” She appeared on NPR’s “All Things Considered” on November 15 with host Juana Summers. During the interview, Obama talked a lot about feelings of anger and rage and offered advice on how young progressives should handle them.

The former first lady admitted she often had gut reactions of anger when asked certain questions during her time in the White House. She explained she had to work to keep herself in check. Obama noted she gave her rage a purpose when dealing with the media during her husband’s presidency.

She would practice responding to tricky questions before interacting with reporters. The process allowed her to give an intuitive response just to get it off her chest and permitted her to reflect on whether those were her true feelings. When she gave the actual statements to the press, she could issue a controlled response.

Summers asked Michelle Obama what advice she had for the younger generation of progressive activists regarding their anger. The former first lady encouraged them to “be rageful” in a practiced way. She explained they need to develop a good plan and put the feelings of frustration to good use because no one can create change with uncontrolled fury.

The NPR interview isn’t the first time Obama has discussed her emotions. In a November 2018 interview on the “2 Dope Queens” podcast, she also talked about being rageful. Ms. Obama mentioned wanting to change the perception of mad women and make society stop ignoring female voices when they speak in anger. Much of what she said was similar to her NPR interview, mentioning the need to make rage productively.

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