Nurse Refuses Care to Conservative White Males

Nurse Refuses Care to Conservative White Males

Nurse Under Investigation After Outrageous Threat Online

( – A Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLH) advanced practice registered nurse wrote a series of angry tweets in response to the US Supreme Court’s decision concerning abortion rights. The medical professional vowed she would no longer supply Viagra to white conservative males.

Her account, @shawnalynn_75, is no longer active, but the Libs of TikTok account posted her original tweet and alerted the facility to what their employee was saying.

According to a follow-up SBLH tweet, the nurse no longer works for the Illinois practice. CEO Jerry Esker said the goal at the center is to provide top care to all patients with no discrimination. He made it clear that the medical facility does not tolerate such targeted actions.

The nurse did apologize for her remarks, but not until after she defended her position on social media amid the backlash. She encouraged people to come after her, saying she had the right to choose whom to treat. Then she mocked religious beliefs, noting if God provides for these men without medication, then let Him.

Eventually, she said she was sorry for the posts, saying she wrongfully let her personal feelings overcome her typical behavior. With her position vacant, perhaps everyone seeking medical treatment at the facility will receive proper care.

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