“No Chance” COVID-19 Will Be Defeated, Says Fauci

Dr. Fauci Says The Odds Have Changed

(LibertySons.org) – Over two years ago, in March 2020, COVID-19 began infecting the world and changing everyone’s lives. The pandemic lasted far longer than anyone expected, and disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says people shouldn’t expect the virus to go away — maybe ever. In an interview, the president’s chief medical advisor explained there is “no chance” authorities will eliminate COVID-19. Unfortunately, the US and the world will have to learn to use all measures currently available to live with the coronavirus.

No Hope for Eradication

Fauci explained COVID-19 is a viral pathogen, and experts have only been able to wipe out one of those in history — smallpox. Even with modern medicine, officials have wiped out only two other viral diseases in the United States, polio and measles.

He noted for all of those infections, there were vaccines that offered long-term protection. But he explained, “the durability of protection SARS-CoV-2” either from vaccines or exposure immunity is not long. The coronavirus acts in a much different way than smallpox, measles, or polio, which makes it impossible to provide the long-term protection needed to wipe it out in the US. In addition, Fauci said the resistance to getting COVID-19 vaccines makes creating any type of herd immunity against the virus impossible.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director isn’t just now coming to this conclusion. It reflects what he published in a March 21 paper in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. In that paper, he predicted herd immunity might never happen with COVID-19, although he also said people should be able to get back to normal life without all the restrictions.

COVID-19 Tracking

The New York Times coronavirus tracking shows infections are currently up in the United States, but the death rate is down. On June 7, the infection rate was up by 4% over a 14-day period, but deaths were down by 2%. Fauci noted the healthcare community is not seeing an increase in severe cases of the virus.

Looking Ahead

Fauci said vaccination for COVID-19 will likely become similar to the flu with annual inoculations. He explained the recurrence of the virus among the population would probably be no more disruptive than any other infection. He cautioned it’s not clear if coronavirus will be seasonal but believes it will be, based on the information researchers have collected from the last two years.

The doctor maintained that vaccination is the only control measure people have going forward, pointing to it as the best “long-term exit strategy” option.

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