Navy Seals Can’t Deploy Without Being Vaccinated

Navy Seals Can't Deploy Without Being Vaccinated

( – COVID-19 vaccination mandates are touching all walks of life, the nation’s military included. Mandatory requirements are a hot topic of debate, and now they may keep some members of the armed forces from serving.

Navy SEALs have received orders to become fully vaccinated by November 28. Attorneys for the elite troops explain exemptions do not include immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection or religious objections. If personnel refuse to get the vaccine, they will be undeployable.

Being unable to deploy could impact hundreds of SEALs out of the 2,450 active members of the force. These are people who are not against vaccines but wish to be exempt from this particular one due to feeling they have natural immunity or because of religious beliefs about the development of the shots.

Many believe that the virus poses a low risk to them, and it’s not worth getting the jab. There is also concern over the long-term effects and insufficient data on the medications.

The federal stance on vaccinations is they are entirely safe and provide adequate protection against infection and spread of COVID-19. Studies and some experts have said the previous infection offers the same or similar protections.

The SEALs’ attorneys hope to get the military to ease the mandate and allow for more exceptions. Unfortunately, there has been no success in changing the policy yet.

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