NATO Planes Deployed Over Putin’s Possible Next Target

NATO Planes Deployed Over Putin's Possible Next Target

NATO Planes Deployed – Putin Beware!

( – Russia’s military campaign against Ukraine continues to drag on, with no signs that the Kremlin will back off anytime soon. Fears about Moscow amplifying the conflict has led to some discomfort for allied nations in Eastern Europe. Recently, NATO decided to increase air troops to provide a more active presence in areas around Ukraine. Should Russian troops expand their aggressive campaign into allied territories, defensive systems will be able to quickly respond. Officials say it’s the best option to ensure treaty members remain secure, while deterring Russian President Vladimir Putin from attempting to expand the war.

NATO’s Air Shielding

The measure includes air shielding over Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. The maneuver is a new approach to providing air defense operations. The goal is more aircraft in the sky, remaining visible to observe and halt potential attacks. The organization assured the move is purely a defensive one.

The concentrated effort remains under NATO’s control to ensure a unified and organized approach and ensure readiness. Deputy Commander of Allied Air Command, Lieutenant General Pascal Delerce, stated the teamwork would allow for fast responses if a security issue arises.

Russia’s Next Targets

Putin hasn’t directly stated he would move his military beyond Ukraine’s borders, but he has suggested the decision might be in the cards. In a speech on April 27, the leader warned his troops would respond harshly to any nation threatening Moscow and its interests.

In June, Russian television began airing information indicating the Kremlin had its eye on other targets in Europe. Leaders in the country have continued to make threats that Moscow could use nuclear weapons, and diplomat Alexander Trofimov noted the nation would not back down if the West continued to apply pressure.

The Ukrainian Response

At the 2022 NATO Summit in Spain, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed leaders, telling them he has no doubts Russia intends to move outside his country. He indicated it’s only a matter of time before Putin attempts to attack other nations if allies stop providing Ukrainian troops with weapons. Zelenskyy specifically questioned if Poland, Moldova, or the Baltics were next.

After the summit meeting with heads of state on June 30, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared that allies within the fold are committed to supporting Ukraine for the long term. He also noted the organization must “preserve peace” and protect member nations from potential aggression.

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