NASCAR To Introduce Hybrid Racer

NASCAR To Introduce Hybrid Racer

( – Part of President Joe Biden’s agenda is to change the automotive industry. The president is setting goals to get rid of the internal combustion engine in favor of electric vehicles. One of the biggest consumers of gas-powered cars is NASCAR, and it seems the racing giant is getting on board with Biden’s demands.

In May, NASCAR announced its new NextGen car, which features a hybrid system. The company debuted the vehicle on October 11, testing it at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Officials were happy with the vehicle’s performance but saw room for improvement and the need for further work on some safety concerns. They explained the reason to run tests is to ensure they put safe cars on the track.

While the performance was overall reasonably good, this car is still a long way from being fully electric. In fact, most of its energy still comes from a large gas engine. NASCAR has said it will continue to improve and adjust the vehicle, hinting that an all-electric powertrain is likely for 2024.

The NextGen vehicles will have their official debut inside the LA Memorial Coliseum on a temporary track in February 2022. The first competitive reveal will be at the Daytona 500 next year.

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