Mom Slams Media For Silence On Biden’s Botched Withdrawal

( – Thirteen Gold Star families had the opportunity to publicly talk about their losses, commemorating them in the Congressional Record, thanks to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who held the Afghanistan Gold Star Families Public Forum on August 7 at the Escondido, California city hall. Shortly after the conclusion of the meeting, one mom sat down with CNN’s Jake Tapper to tell her son’s story. One of his questions prompted her to slam mainstream media for abandoning Gold Star parents who needed to discuss Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Kelly Barnett was one of several parents who testified at Issa’s forum. She relayed how her son, Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover, expressed his concerns regarding the operation from “the moment that he landed.” He described a chaotic scene, lacking in leadership and communication. He told his mother he felt his command didn’t care about his unit or other units working to complete the withdrawal.

Barnett testified and told Tapper after the attack on Abbey Gate killed her son and 12 others, the military lied to her, telling her that her son “died on impact.” She said witnesses came to her and described her son’s bravery, how he tied off his leg with a tourniquet and gave away his ammunition to others to fend off the attack. From those witness accounts, she knew where he was actually standing, as opposed to what the military documented. In her testimony during the forum, Barnett said, “I was lied to and basically told to shut up.”

Tapper said he understood why Barnett and other Gold Star families had hesitated to speak about their loved ones’ deaths and asked what had prompted her to speak out now. Barnett said she was “so happy” to see the text from CNN asking her to speak publicly, but then she challenged Tapper, “Where have you been?”

She pointed out that she and other Gold Star parents needed CNN and other mainstream media outlets to talk with them and hear their stories and viewpoints. More than one parent expressed during testimony that they thought the military had covered up facts or lied about events.

Barnett told the host, “I want justice for my son.” She said her son and the others fought for everybody, not one political faction or another. She and other Gold Star parents agreed they wanted “to make sure” a situation like the one in Afghanistan “never happens again.”

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