Mitch McConnell Accused of Using Coercion

Mitch McConnell Accused of Using Coersion

( – Congress is fighting the clock to create a budget deal to prevent a government shutdown. The fiscal year began on October 1, but legislators had until December 16 to come up with a new budget. Deep divides in Congress have made it tough to reach a deal.

Still, on December 14, leaders revealed a short-term solution, extending the deadline until December 23. Now, GOP senators are saying Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is trying to push them into backing a Democratic plan for funding until next September.

Republicans in the House and Senate are angry that McConnell wants to back down and let a spending bill pass just to prevent a shutdown. They said it’s unclear what is in the budget because they haven’t had a chance to fully review the details.

The Kentucky legislator told reporters passing the measure would be a good compromise right now without Republicans controlling either chamber.

The idea of holding off until 2023 could be concerning for the American people. The divided Congress might be a difficult place to pass any bill, let alone one comprehensive budget. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) backed McConnell, agreeing it wouldn’t be advantageous to begin the new year with such an issue hanging overhead.

Still, Representative Kevin McCarty (R-CA), who is on tap to become speaker has been outspoken against agreeing to the Democratic bill, along with GOP Senators Mike Braun (IN), Mike Lee (UT), Rand Paul (KY), and Ron Johnson (WI).

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