Mike Pence Responds To Being Heckled as a “Traitor”

(LibertySons.org) – Former Vice President Mike Pence attended a campaign event in Londonderry, New Hampshire, on Friday, August 4. While he met with supporters, he also faced critics. As he exited the vehicle he arrived in, rival supporters of former President Donald Trump heckled him, calling him a “sellout” and a “traitor.” One man asked him why he’d failed to uphold the Constitution.

Pence turned to answer the man. He said, “I upheld the Constitution. Read it!”

The exchange remains part of an ongoing campaign to recover his image after Trump painted him as a weak-spined, disloyal vice president who was unfaithful to his duties and a Republican in name only (RINO) in the days after Pence refused to send electoral votes back to state legislatures for recertification on January 6, 2021.

During Sunday’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, Pence told host Dana Bash, “I want the American people to know […] that President Trump was wrong then and […] now. “ He said he had no Constitutional right to overturn the election or reject or return votes. He claimed he performed his Constitutional duty and always would “by God’s grace.”

After Special Counsel Jack Smith released his most recent indictment against former President Trump on August 1, Pence tweeted a statement, saying the grand jury’s finding served “as an important reminder.” The former VP insisted no one who puts himself above the US Constitution should ever serve as President.

In a Saturday Truth Social post, Trump derided Pence for his “newly emboldened” stance and claimed he never told the VP that he was “too honest” or asked him to place the president’s interests above the Constitution. The former president called his former subordinate “delusional” and suggested he was trying to act tough by going “to the Dark Side.”

Bash asked Pence whether he anticipated testifying against Trump in a trial against him for the conspiracy and obstruction charges he faces in the most recent indictment regarding the president’s alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election results. Pence told the CNN host he previously sat before the grand jury and if called to testify before a court of law, he would do so, but he doesn’t anticipate that happening.

Yet, according to the New York Post, Trump attorney John Lauro seemed to believe that Pence could provide exonerating testimony to help his client if he testified based on items he wrote in his memoir, “So Help Me God.” Lauro was still evaluating whether he might call Pence as a defense witness but believed his testimony might prove key to acquittal.

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