Mayor Bass Slams Abbott for Sending Migrants During Storm

( – California braced for a possible hurricane strike from Hilary on Sunday, August 20, for the first time in 84 years. The northbound storm struck Mexico’s Baja California strait on Sunday afternoon as a low-level Category 1 hurricane, quickly transitioning to a tropical storm and dropping plenty of rain across Southern California. On Monday, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) slammed Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) for sending migrants en route to her city as the storm raged.

In a tweet, Bass called Abbott’s actions “evil,” even though several people pointed out that Los Angeles prides itself as a sanctuary city welcoming all. However, Bass noted the Texas governor, who has experience dealing with hurricanes, decided to send families, including toddlers from Brownsville, Texas, through potentially extreme weather conditions as she warned her citizens to stay safe at home. She called the decision “despicable.”

Abbott’s press secretary, Andrew Mahaleris, replied to a request for comment. He told Newsweek all bus drivers receive weather-condition updates along the routes and about changing conditions in destination cities. The spokesman said the driver changed his original path “out of an abundance of caution” to avoid danger.

Additionally, Mahaleris stated migrants chose to travel to sanctuary cities and voluntarily signed consent waivers before boarding transports. He added that buses contained stocks of food and water and made fuel stops, allowing relief drivers to spell one another.

Abbott has sent nine buses to Los Angeles, including the one he sent on August 20. Mahaleris suggested Mayor Bass should discuss the migrant problem with President Joe Biden rather than blame Abbott for trying to relieve overcrowding and a lack of resources in his state’s border towns, which the influx of immigrants perenially overrun.

In June, Bass accused Abbott of playing political chess with migrant lives and “using human beings as pawns in his cheap political games.” At the time, she said her city wasn’t “motivated by hate or fear” or “swayed” by political gamesmanship.

That was before her city dealt with an influx of immigrants during a tropical storm.

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