Marine Hero Who Saved Baby In Kabul Under Probe For Speaking For Trump

Marine Hero Who Saved Baby In Kabul Under Probe For Speaking For Trump

( – The scene at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan was chaotic. With the rush to get people out of the country safely, many disturbing scenes captured attention, such as the parents pushing their babies over fences hoping the US military would save them.

Lance Corporal Hunter Clark was among the troops on the ground at the Kabal airport during those most desperate withdrawal times. During a September 25 Trump rally, Clark appeared on stage with the former president. He introduced himself by saying he was one of the soldiers who had helped parents get their babies over the fences. He expressed his pride in being a part of those actions.

He was only on stage for a minute or two and didn’t endorse Trump or say anything of a political nature. It was not a planned appearance, and Clark appeared in civilian clothes.

Now, the US Marine Corp 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is investigating the marine’s claims, looking for potential Department of Defense violations. Captain Kelton J. Cochran has already stated that Clark was not the soldier in the viral video from August 19 but couldn’t confirm whether the lance corporal was in any other footage.

Cochran refused to release any details on the ongoing investigation. One potential angle officials are looking into is whether he violated the ban on active-duty personnel involving themselves in political activities by speaking at the Save America Rally in Perry, GA.

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