Man Who Shot at Border Patrol Agent Sentenced to 13 Years

Man Who Shot at Border Patrol Agent Sentenced to 13 Years

13 Years – Man Who Opened Fire on Feds Learns His Fate

( – On August 22, US District Judge Dominic W. Lanza handed down a 13-year sentence to Alejandro Nathaniel Rodriguez Stalter of Arizona. The reprimand included 26 months of supervised release once he completed his prison time. The 31-year-old man previously pleaded guilty to assaulting a federal officer and discharging a firearm during a crime.

The conviction is the result of an incident that occurred in August 2020. Stalter was attempting to bring two illegal immigrants across the southern US border. He evaded agents by cruising through the checkpoint, which led to a 20-mile high-speed chase. The pursuit ended when the suspect hit an electric pole guidewire.

Before surrendering, the man shot an assault rifle at a border patrol agent, who was attempting to open the suspect’s door. The agent returned fire, hitting Stalter several times. Luckily, no officers suffered injuries. The illegal immigrants sneaking into the US were taken into custody by authorities after the accident.

The guilty party was high on methamphetamine at the time of the incident. During the proceedings, Stalter’s attorney said he wanted help for his substance abuse problem. The suspect admitted to prosecutors that he had been using the drugs for 10 years, and the addiction was related to trauma from his childhood.

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