Man Trafficking Drugs Out of Day Care Facility Gets Lengthy Prison Term

Man Trafficking Drugs Out of Day Care Facility Gets Lengthy Prison Term

Day Care Owner’s Side Hustle Leads to Charges

( – On May 10, a federal jury found Reshod Everett guilty of six drug and firearm charges in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In August, the court sentenced him to 40 years in prison for his crimes and for running his illegal operation out of his home, which was also the site of a daycare called Tori’s Playhouse.

Officials began investigating Everett in 2018, staking out an apartment they believed he was using to traffic drugs. As co-defendant Alvin Milton Davis pulled out of the parking lot of the complex, officers stopped him and searched his vehicle. They recovered illegal substances and a gun. Police secured a warrant to search the building, where they found large quantities of drugs and another firearm.

The investigation then led to securing a warrant to search Everett’s main home, which was also the location of the childcare facility. Agents uncovered tens of thousands of dollars, multiple guns, and drugs from the house. They also searched a storage shed, turning up additional illegal substances. In July 2018, authorities arrested the man and his wife, Victoria Everett.

In court, prosecutors revealed Reshod Everett tried to intimidate and bribe witnesses, lied under oath, and used social media to try to discredit local police. Authorities say his conviction and sentence allowed justice to prevail. US Attorney Michael Easley called the criminal a danger to the community and said anyone who would keep drugs and guns around small children is too dangerous to keep on the streets.

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