Lindsey Graham Says “God Help Us” to IRS Expansion Plan

Lindsey Graham Says

U.S. Senator Freaks Out – “God Help Us…”

( – On August 7, the Inflation Reduction Act passed the evenly split Senate strictly on party lines, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. The legislation is a newer version of the failed Build Back Better Act and a key win for the Biden Administration. Included in the newer bill is $80 billion for funding the IRS. Democrats claim the money will help hold high earners and companies accountable. Republicans, especially Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), aren’t buying it.

The Impact on the IRS

In recent years, tax officials claim agents have had to target lower-earning taxpayers because it was easier and required fewer resources while still allowing the agency to bring in revenue. Democrats blame such practices on Republicans for not providing the IRS with enough funding for far too long, forcing it to resort to this collection process.

IRS officials say its outdated systems and lack of employees make it too hard to go through the complex tax review process required for those who have money to fight back. Smaller debt is easy to reclaim through automated methods, as evidenced by half of the audits in 2021 zeroing in on residents earning under $75,000 annually. The agency explained the new influx of money from the measure will help turn the issue around and allow agents to pursue higher valued accounts.

Graham’s Not On Board

Senator Graham said on Twitter that the Inflation Reduction Act is a “nightmare for the American economy.” He claims it will increase taxes and lead to extremism by the IRS.

He also spoke about the bill in a press conference on August 9.

The senator stated the attempt to hire 87,000 new agents would lead to targeted assaults on middle-income earners. He would rather see that money go toward fighting immigration issues.

He claimed the tax entity would never go after the wealthy because they can defend themselves. Despite the Left’s promise the funding will help change the targets of audits, the rich and big businesses can easily hire attorneys and keep the agency tied up in litigation. The SC legislator explained nothing will be different, except more lower-earning Americans would end up in the crosshairs.

Graham concluded by saying this bill won’t help ease the burden of inflation and will make the recession worse. He noted President Joe Biden was supposed to fix the economy with the American Rescue Plan, but that didn’t accomplish the goal, and neither will this legislation.

The White House’s Reaction

The president praised the passage in the Upper Chamber, saying it would help Americans. He exclaimed the bill will force the wealthy to pay their fair share, put the government to work for the people, lower the deficit and inflation, and attack climate change. He left no question he would sign the measure into law once the proposal reaches his desk.

The act still must pass the House, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to quickly move the legislation through her chamber.

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