Lauren Boebert Calls Kamala Harris’ Gender Pronoun Usage “Idiotic”

Lauren Boebert Calls Kamala Harris' Gender Pronoun Usage

Kamala Harris’ Latest Stunt Backfired

( – Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a meeting with disability advocates on July 26 about the state of abortion rights. To start the discussion, she described herself as a woman, adding that she was wearing a blue dress and that she preferred she/her pronouns. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) found the display irritating, remarking that the inclusion of the distinction, along with the VP’s gender, was “idiotic.”

The legislator also said when someone introduces themselves like the vice president did, she expects every word after that do be equally as stupid.

Christina Sommers from the American Enterprise Institute noted that Harris was only hurting her appeal to many Americans by spewing “woke inanities.”

Dan McLaughlin, a writer for the National Review, agreed with Sommers, stating the administration is clearly out of touch with everyday citizens.

The concept of describing oneself at virtual meetings is commonplace. The goal is to help vision-impaired attendees. The introduction of pronouns is also becoming more popular for some as the gender movement grows. The American Association for People with Disabilities (AAPD) stated that including such information at the start of meetings helps the proceedings to be more inclusive. Some critics say the “political correctness” was over the top, as there are more pressing matters at hand.

Do you find such introductions necessary in important public meetings?

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