Kevin McCarthy Agrees To Investigate Alleged FBI Abuses

Kevin McCarthy Agrees To Investigate Alleged FBI Abuses

( – Fifteen rounds of voting had to occur before Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) secured the speaker position in the US House of Representatives. As part of his concessions to get the votes he needed to win, the new leader reportedly agreed to create a panel to investigate several federal institutions like the FBI. He also apparently agreed to provide resources to the new forum comparable to those given to the former January 6 committee in the 117th Congress.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) proposed the formation of a Judicial Committee subcommittee to look into the alleged “weaponization of the federal government” as part of the House Rules. The proposal explained the panel would inquire into investigations and whether the Biden administration had overstepped its bounds.

Furthermore, Jordan stated the group would look at politicization of other federal agencies under President Joe Biden. McCarthy noted House Republicans will use the power over spending to complete subpoenas to “get the job done.”

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday on January 8, Jordan explained part of the House’s charge includes looking into injustices against US citizens. He noted the alleged First Amendment violations committed by the Justice Department require an investigation, and he committed to “aggressively and vigorously” do that job.

In a speech after assuming the speaker position, McCarthy vowed to address various issues including the points Jordan discussed.

Even with approval from the new speaker, the committee might have a difficult time with its investigations. Jordan could issue the aforementioned subpoenas to get information, but that does not mean the Department of Justice must comply with the order. The agency has a track record of not complying with requests to turn over ongoing case details to anyone — including Congress. The situation could pave the way for litigation over the matter.

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