Kentucky Flood Death Toll Rises to 35, More Rain on the Way

Kentucky Flood Death Toll Rises to 35, More Rain on the Way

Natural DISASTER Hits Kentucky – Dozens Reported Dead!

( – Torrential downpours hit Kentucky on July 28; additional storms ravaged the area over the next few days. The resulting floods claimed at least 35 lives as of August 1, according to State Governor Andy Beshear (D). The National Weather Service has since announced that issues may continue through August 2 in some impacted areas.

The governor appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on July 31. He explained the hardest hit areas were difficult to access due to the rough terrain and that sweeping waters could make it tough to find bodies, adding it could take weeks to recover everyone.

The natural disaster dumped as much as 10.5 inches of rain in just 2 days. The angry waters washed away houses, vehicles, and in some cases, just about everything people owned.

Tragically, The Bluegrass State can’t catch a break. In December 2021, tornadoes flattened whole neighborhoods, and now floods are devastating parts of the region.

President Joe Biden issued the Kentucky Disaster Declaration on July 29 to assist with cleanup and recovery. The National Guard continues to work with local authorities to help find victims. The constant rain is making efforts difficult, but Beshear promised they would keep working to find the missing residents.

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