Ken Paxton Snaps At Biden Administration After Impeachment Trial

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( – Warren “Ken” Paxton Jr., attorney general of the state of Texas, faced 20 articles of impeachment for alleged corruption. The House of Representatives filed HR 2377 against him in May, claiming he intervened in a lawsuit, harming one party in an effort to benefit the other. He was acquitted on September 17. The attorney general lashed out later that week, snapping at the Biden administration over the “sham” trial.

Paxton remains under FBI investigation, according to The Hill, but he will stay in office. He stood accused of taking numerous measures to benefit a friend, Nate Paul, who had been sued by the nonprofit Roy F. & JoAnn Cole Mitte Foundation. Paxton allegedly accessed information through improper means, had frivolous subpoenas sent out over baseless complaints via sham investigations to harass the complainant, fired whistleblowers in his office, delayed discovery of facts, engaged in bribery, and then concealed information about the corruption to the voting public.

The Hill reported on Paxton’s interview following his acquittal, which occurred on X, formerly known as Twitter, with Tucker Carlson. The attorney general blamed the Biden administration for the probe, alleging officials were trying to get him “out of the way” in response to lawsuits he’d filed against it. The Texas House had voted to impeach him, but state senators voted against all the charges. The Associated Press adds that Sen. Angela Paxton, the defendant’s wife, was the only member of the state’s Senate to withhold their vote, which she did due to conflict of interest. A two-thirds majority is necessary to pass an impeachment article.

Paxton reportedly told Carlson that he believed Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) was under Democratic control. He also echoed former President Donald Trump’s previous remarks that the government has weaponized the justice department in an effort to neutralize its enemies. Phelan stood by his belief that Paxton committed impeachable offenses and expressed disappointment that the attorney general would remain in office.

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