Ken Paxton Eyes Cornyn’s Senate Seat in Texas

( – In the wake of his recent impeachment acquittal on 16 charges, Texan Attorney General (AG) Ken Paxton (R) has gone gunning for those he holds responsible for placing his political career in peril: the Texas House Assembly, the Biden administration, and collaborator Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). In a long-running battle, the senator and the attorney general traded barbs long before impeachment charges entered the equation. Now, Paxton is eying Cronyn’s Senate seat, according to a recent interview with former Fox personality Tucker Carlson.

Endorsed by former President Donald Trump, Paxton identifies with the far-right contingency of the GOP. He sees Cornyn as part of the more moderate Bush arm of the Republican party, willing to strike deals with the Democrats. The AG questioned the senator’s effectiveness over the years because of his willingness to compromise.

“I can’t think of a single thing he’s accomplished for our state or […] the country,” Paxton said of Cornyn. He added that he hadn’t “seen him propose legislation that significantly affects” the invasion at the southern border — a particular sticking point for the AG and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

In 2022, Paxton faced a primary challenge for the AG position from Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, forcing a run-off election, which the incumbent won with 68% to challenger Bush’s 32%. The campaign was notable for its mudslinging. The Bush camp used the moniker “Ken the Crook” to describe the AG and reasons why voters should oust him. Paxton’s team called Bush a Republican-in-Name-Only (RINO) “establishment darling who has sold out Texas.”

In 2022, Cornyn called Paxton’s then-seven-year legal battle against a federal securities fraud indictment an embarrassment for the state. “I remain very disturbed […] that the incumbent has […] an indictment hanging over his head,” the senior senator told The Texas Tribune. He added, “And it’s a source of embarrassment to me that that has been unresolved.” Cornyn previously served as state AG before seeking the Senate seat.

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