Kash Patel Says Durham Probe Will Reveal A Massive Conspiracy Against Trump

Kash Patel Says Durham Probe Will Reveal A Massive Conspiracy Against Trump

(LibertySons.org) – Special counsel John Durham is knee-deep in investigating the FBI Russian collusion investigation of former President Donald Trump. He’s worked for the last two years on the case, producing few visible results until mid-September, when he started to issue subpoenas.

Former Pentagon chief of staff Kash Patel says the Durham probe is about to drop a wave of indictments. He said the one against Michael Sussman was just the beginning, and the US attorney will likely unveil considerable evidence Democrats conspired against the former president.

The Durham Probe

US Attorney John Durham became the investigation leader in the FBI’s handling of the Russia/Trump inquiry in May 2019. His goal was to research events surrounding the FBI’s actions when investigating Russia’s involvement in the 2020 presidential election and find anything questionable or fraudulent.

Durham specifically has the task of uncovering anyone who may be guilty of misconduct. He was also looking to find what brought about the initial investigation.

The attorney has mainly conducted his work quietly in Washington. It wasn’t until recently, with the Sussman indictment, that fruits of his labor have come to light, and people are starting to see him make some moves.

Latest Developments

Durham requested bank records and documents from Perkins Coie, the former employer of Sussman, with links to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The firm also has ties to Christopher Steele, the writer of a Trump dossier that made false claims about a Russian connection. Patel explains these moves show the attorney is following the money, which should paint an excellent roadmap of exactly what went down during the FBI inquiry.

Patel went on to explain that while many people criticize the probe for continuing past the two-year mark, the timeline is what it takes for an investigation of this magnitude. He said Durham is uncovering a massive conspiracy. It takes time and a lot of work to put together an airtight case. Patel alleges the DNC and Clinton are behind the fake accusations against President Trump, and the attorney is confident he’ll uncover this information.

Durham may unveil one of the greatest conspiracies in US history if he can prove his case. There appears to be still a long way to go to provide all the evidence, but this long probe is undoubtedly starting to heat up as Durham finally begins making moves.

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