Kari Lake Brings Back Questions About Obama’s Birthplace

Kari Lake Brings Back Questions About Obama's Birthplace

(LibertySons.org) – Former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake just released her first book, “Unafraid: Just Getting Started,” on June 27. The former Fox anchor waxed nostalgic as she talked about the end of former President George W. Bush’s eight years in office. She also reminded readers of the “mysteries” surrounding the dark horse candidate from Chicago who swept the Democratic ticket from Hillary Clinton’s grasp, complete with questions about former President Barack Obama’s birthplace.

In her book, Lake positions herself as “An unmatched champion for the America First movement.” She takes readers on a journey that began when she left her media career to pursue the office of Governor. Yet, as part of her formative journey, she referenced Obama’s mysterious past, reviving latent remnants of the “birther” movement, which former President Donald Trump once championed, and adding xenophobia and Islamaphobia for good measure.

Birthers maintained that Obama was born overseas to an Islamic Kenyan father, making him ineligible to become President. Obama authorized Hawaii, where he was born, to release his birth certificate, disproving the claims, but right-wing hardliners still echo the charges, and Lake accused mainstream media of creating a “swarm” around anyone who tried to vet Obama strenuously.

Lake argues she embodies her book’s title because she approached controversies unafraid. She took on battles over the 2020 elections, supporting Trump’s position that Democrats “rigged” results using election fraud to ensure wins. She maintained the same argument after losing the Governor’s race in 2022, despite multiple court defeats against her petitions.

Her latest battle cry has involved Georgia prosecutors considering charging Trump with election tampering and other crimes. Characterizing her rhetoric as “a public service announcement,” she told Georgia officials they would need to “go through” her and “75 million Americans just like” her — most NRA members — to stop Trump.

Yet, for all of Lake’s bravado, she neglected to tell her readers that she started her political life as a Democrat who donated to the presidential campaigns of John Kerry in 2004 and Obama in 2008, according to a former coworker who spoke to The Washington Free Beacon in August 2022. She and close friend Stephanie Angelo even knocked on doors for the 2008 Obama campaign, despite working for Fox News, which prohibited employees from campaigning for political candidates.

Moreover, confronted with her past, Lake claimed she evolved, not unlike other famous past Republicans, including former President Ronald Reagan.

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