Kamala Harris — Thrown Under the Bus

Kamala Harris — Thrown Under the Bus

(LibertySons.org) – On July 9, 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris made some questionable statements in her attempt to defend her recent position against new voter ID requirements. She insinuated people living in rural areas were incapable of securing IDs or making photocopies of necessary identification for voting. Her remarks made it appear those people were out of touch with technology.

As one might expect, the media lashed out at her insensitive and outlandish remarks. Several media outlets complained she appeared to be speaking down to rural communities. During the July 12 airing of his program, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld read her the riot act. As he explained, the Left thinks country folks are stupid and incapable of keeping pace with modern American life.

Stepping back for a moment, it appears evident that things are not looking good for the vice president. She’s been battling various issues tarnishing her image as a capable leader, like her lack of finesse in dealing with the ongoing border crisis. Harris attempted to defend herself in a recent interview with award-winning broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien. Among other excuses, she tried to play things off by claiming she’s overworked and doesn’t understand how to say “no” when President Biden piles more work on her.

Additionally, there are also reports of dysfunction within her office. Plus, her recent interview with Lester Holt captured considerable negative news coverage when she famously replied that she hadn’t been to Europe either when asked why she hadn’t visited the Mexico border yet.

Harris seems to be digging a deeper hole for herself with every misstep she takes. Is she folding under the pressure of the office? Perhaps the chatter heard during the 2020 election cycle about her not being ready for an executive office was true.

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